Dashboard Development

If data is harnessed correctly, it can help organizations become more competitive by responding quickly to threats and opportunities. Nimbo’s custom dashboard solutions empower business users with real-time analytics that improve decision making and mitigate business interruption. Our experience in system integration enables us to consolidate data from disparate systems providing you with valuable insights.

We provide:

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development
  • Custom software development
  • Data integration
  • UX/UI Design
  • EDI monitoring

Healthcare Payer Solutions

Health plans face a multitude of challenges around handling and maintaining data. Rising administrative costs are forcing payers to make claims processing more efficient and secure. We specialize in creating dashboards to monitor, analyze and report against real-time EDI data.

Analytics that Matter:

  • Claims error analysis
  • Provider utilization analysis
  • Business view of 270/270, 276/277 messages
  • Claim verification analysis
  • Claims value and financials
  • Custom KPIs
Health Plan Custom EDI Dashboard

Health Plan Custom EDI Dashboard