Hybrid Cloud Planning


Establish your hybrid cloud in one week or less with our Discover, Educate, Plan, and Implement (DEPI) service.

DEPI is a 5-day, on-site workshop that quickly brings your organization up to speed on the latest cloud technologies and techniques. We help you identify workloads that are suitable for a hybrid scenario. We then establish the new environment connecting the on-premise workload to virtual machines in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model.

Processing workloads in a hybrid environment provides a quick return on investment. When planning the hybrid environment it is important to understand which workloads are suited for the cloud from both a technical and business perspective. Batch workloads are often good candidates as they take advantage of scale. Similarly, transactional workloads benefit from scalability while keeping sensitive data onsite.

DEPI Deliverables

  • Discover: Review and understand the current environment including costs, pain points and opportunities
  • Educate: Learn about IaaS and how to manage a hybrid scenario
  • Plan: Establish basic architecture and capacity requirements
  • Implement: Implement and deploy core components of the new environment

What to Expect from Nimbo’s Hybrid Cloud Planning Services?

  • Immediate cost savings
  • Greater flexibility for deployment
  • Understanding of the new environment
  • A secure environment

Benefits of Hybrid

  • Turn off environment when no longer needed
  • Greatly reduce operating costs
  • Greater flexibility & agility
  • Respond to customer requests more quickly
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