Cloud Workshops


Nimbo provides the training your team needs to successfully implement and maintain a secure, flexible cloud environment.

Workshops are designed around your business and team’s technical abilities. We establish tangible objectives and outcomes prior to each workshop to ensure your investment creates measurable value for your organization.

What to Expect

  • Workshops are delivered onsite or at a Nimbo training facility
  • All workshops are hands on
  • We keep within a 1:10 instructor to trainee ratio for each class to ensure adequate attention
  • Workshops range from one day – one week depending on established goals
  • Workshops may be structured to deliver a proof-of-concept giving your team real-world experience

Workshop Content

  • Setting up the cloud environment
  • Managing the cloud environment
  • Cost optimization strategies
  • Scaling the environment
  • What applications are right for the cloud?
  • Hybrid vs. Private vs. On Premise