Cloud Workshops

Everyone wants to get into the cloud, but few have the experience and expertise to go it alone. We’ve designed a series of workshops to help organizations lessen the barrier to entry. We help non-technical users understand the financial and business implications while providing technical teams with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the cloud.


Cloud Assessment & Roadmap

IT Environments have become highly complex which often leads to inefficiencies and wasted resources. Technology teams are expected to support legacy systems while meeting new demands around mobility and real-time communication. These challenges are overwhelming without the skills and resources to execute. We help organizations discover and implement opportunities to leverage private, public and hybrid cloud technologies to create business value, simplify IT management and generate long term ROI.


Hybrid Cloud Planning

Hybrid cloud provides enormous flexibility for organizations needing to scale while leveraging existing investments and maintaining compliance. We often reccommend hybrid to heavily regulated organizations that can benefit from offloading some applications to the cloud in order to achieve greater agility and lower operating costs.