Cloud Application Migration

Migrating existing applications to the cloud can improve performance, provide immediate cost savings and create greater agility. It is imperative to fully understand the approach that makes sense for your IT environment and business objectives. We have migrated legacy applications to the cloud for global organizations. Through our extensive experience we have learned first hand the challenges of migrating apps along with risk mitigation strategies. If you are looking for a long term migration strategy, we offer cloud assessment and roadmap development. While every migration is unique, we specialize in the following migration approaches and scenarios:

Application Lift and Shift

We migrate applications to the cloud without code changes, and provide a secure connection back to on-premises applications and data. Because there are no changes required, lift and shift is extremely fast and affordable. Prior to a lift and shift engagement, we assess whether the current architecture and code are suitable for a cloud environment.

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Lift & Optimize

Oftentimes, legacy applications require architectural changes in order to take advantage of specific cloud capabilities. In these cases, we redeploy application code and optimize the environment to leverage specific functions such as auto scaling, data backup and notifications.

Development and Test in the Cloud

Moving your dev and test environments significantly shortens the setup and cycle time for application development and testing. We migrate your environments to Microsoft Azure virtual machines enabling you to quickly create, deploy and manage development and test environments in the cloud.

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SQL Server on Azure Virtual machines

Microsoft Azure and SQL Server enable organizations the agility to quickly create and scale solutions that solve challenges and fuel new business opportunity. Create and deploy database solutions to a private or public cloud, linked together with common management tools and built with cutting-edge developer technologies. Build once, deploy and manage wherever.

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