Case Studies

  • YES Network

    Case Study – YES Network

    Nimbo’s solution involved upgrading YES Network’s existing ASP and .NET environments to the latest versions and migrating the environment to Azure, utilizing Azure SQL database.

  • Customer-Featured-Image-Benchmark-Builders

    Case Study – Benchmark Builders, Inc

    Nimbo designed and implemented Benchmark Builder’s cloud-based line of business platform, enabling the company to increase productivity, improve data accuracy and better service delivery.

  • Case-Study-AWS-Hess-Nimbo

    Case Study – Hess Corporation

    This case study outlines how Nimbo and Amazon Web Services accelerated Hess Corporation’s billion dollar divestment by migrating an entire enterprise IT suite to the cloud.

  • Customer-Featured-Image-WCS

    Case Study – Wildlife Conservation Society

    Nimbo helped the Wildlife Conservation Society launch a revolutionary sustainability project revolving around an application that allows the public to develop and share sustainable design for Manhattan.

  • Mimeo-Nimbo-Case-study-windows-azure-integration-as-a-service

    Case Study – Mimeo

    This outlines how Nimbo assisted Mimeo in realizing an additional $8m in revenue per year by facilitating a highly scalable order processing system based on BizTalk 2013 and Microsoft Azure.

  • Customer-Featured-Image-Robin-Hood

    Case Study – Robin Hood

    Robin Hood needed to create a standardized repository of economic data and metrics. Nimbo built a custom application leveraging highly complex algorithms on Microsoft Azure with the .NET framework.

  • Customer-Featured-Image-BCBS

    Case Study – BlueCross BlueShield

    BCBS’s expansive reach into the provider market necessitates the standardization of exchanging messages with its trading partners. In 2010 the BCBS Association (BCBSA) introduced an initiative to implement real-time transactions throughout their network as part of their provider portal upgrade. A BCBS organization enlisted Nimbo to migrate to real-time transactions from a legacy mainframe system. The organization needed to expose synchronous web[…]

  • Customer-Featured-Image-Dealogic

    Case Study – Dealogic

    Dealogic produces in-depth analytical reports for distribution to business publications. These reports provide valuable industry insights to executives around the current financial climate and industry trends. Financial data constantly fluctuates and it is difficult to capture real-time, user-friendly views into this data. Dealogic decided to address this challenge by leveraging the Microsoft Azure Platform to produce an analytical dashboard that would be […]

  • Customer-Featured-Image-ConneciCare

    Case Study – ConnectiCare

    Health plans and providers throughout the United States must meet new federal requirements for processing electronic data interchange (EDI) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 5010 transactions that, coupled with new International Classification of Diseases-10, some are comparing to the millennial Y2K challenge—only ten times more challenging. Regional insurer ConnectiCare met these requirements, by adopting an EDI processing solution based […]

  • Customer-Featured-Image-Shirman-and-Sterling

    Case Study – Shearman & Sterling

    Shearman & Sterling is an international law firm with 20 offices in major financial markets around the world. A major challenge facing all law firms is the management of information assets and a complex web of business critical operations. A typical law firm leverages several disjointed systems to handle case management, financial management and document management. Often these systems house duplicate data required for multiple functions. […]