Case Studies

  • Case-Study-AWS-Hess-Nimbo

    Case Study – Hess Corporation

    About Hess Corporation Hess Corporation is a leading global independent energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. Founded in 1933, Hess Corporation has offices in more than a dozen countries. The company has its headquarters in New York, N.Y. and regional headquarters in Houston, Texas and Kuala Lumpur, [...]

  • Customer-Featured-Image-WCS

    Case Study – Wildlife Conservation Society

    Highly Scalable AWS Environment for Revolutionary Sustainability Project: The application allows the public to develop and share climate-resilient and sustainable design for Manhattan, based on rapid model estimates of the water cycle, carbon cycle, biodiversity and population. Users can interact with the application and vary the ecosystem, lifestyles, and climate of the city, in an effort to find and publish sustainable and resilient visions for Manhattan of the future.

  • Mimeo-Nimbo-Case-study-windows-azure-integration-as-a-service

    Case Study – Mimeo

    Print Company Boosts Annual Revenue by $8 Million with Cloud-Based Integration Mimeo, a provider of online printing services, wanted a solution that could handle a heavier workload and integrate data from a new customer that wanted to submit orders using the electronic data interchange (EDI) standard. For better scalability and EDI processing capability, the company [...]

  • Customer-Featured-Image-Robin-Hood

    Case Study – Robin Hood

    Robin Hood Implements Business Intelligence Portal for Streamlined Distribution of Poverty-Fighting Funds The Robin Hood Foundation targets poverty in New York City by supporting and developing non-profit organizations. Robin Hood’s unique approach combines investment principals and philanthropy to attack poverty at its root causes. Robin Hood collaborates with more than 200 organizations and receives contributions [...]

  • Customer-Featured-Image-BCBS

    Case Study – BlueCross BlueShield

    Background The Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) family is comprised of 39 separate health plans and is among the most recognized brands in the health insurance industry. BCBS contracts directly with more than 90 percent of hospitals and 80 percent of physicians in the United States, providing coverage for 98 million people nationwide. BCBS’s [...]

  • Customer-Featured-Image-Dealogic

    Case Study – Dealogic

    Dealogic Delivers Real-Time Investment Banking Scorecard on the Microsoft Azure Platform Background Dealogic has been servicing the investment banking industry for over 25 years with its competitive positioning solutions. Dealogic offers an investment banking management platform that incorporates technology, data, analytics and consulting services. Dealogic boasts a client list comprised of every one of the [...]

  • Customer-Featured-Image-ConneciCare

    Case Study – ConnectiCare

    Insurer Meets HIPAA 5010 Mandate, Cuts EDI Processing Time Background Health plans and providers throughout the United States must meet new federal requirements for processing electronic data interchange (EDI) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 5010 transactions that, coupled with new International Classification of Diseases-10, some are comparing to the millennial Y2K challenge—only ten times [...]

  • Customer-Featured-Image-Shirman-and-Sterling

    Case Study – Sherman & Sterling

    Shearman Streamlines Operations with BizTalk System Integration Background Shearman & Sterling is an international law firm with 20 offices in major financial markets around the world. The firm has been advising the world’s leading corporations, governmental organizations and financial institutions in high-profile matters and transactions for more than 135 years. Shearman holds numerous awards for [...]

  • Customer-Featured-Image-WorldNow

    Case Study – WorldNow

    Nimbo Equips WorldNow with the Tools to Ensure a Risk-Free Migration to the Cloud Background WorldNow was founded in 1998 and has helped over 400 local media organizations build and optimize their businesses on the web. WorldNow empowers their customers with emerging technologies and powerful content management systems to develop new distribution channels and online [...]