Hurricane Sandy: Business Continuity in the Cloud

Bracing for Hurricane Sandy, I write this post from the comfort of my sturdy brick apartment building. Nimbo headquarters is in a mandatory evacuation zone and New York City has closed its doors to entry. My living room is filled with the ambient sounds of wind gusts, light rain, local news reporters and sirens in the distance.

My roommate is also home today, along with everyone else in the storm’s ominous path. The difference is that I am fully operational with access to our cloud hosted email and data. His company shut down its server room on Long Island (complete with sandbags) last night to prevent serious damage and data loss.

Times like these highlight the importance of a solid disaster recovery plan and business continuity. This summer we wrote about serious flooding in our own office in this blog post. Although the physical damages were significant, we did not lose our most important asset: our data and intellectual property. Companies that have experienced downtime due to natural disasters understand the significance of the cloud in business continuity.

For smaller organizations, cloud offers a low-cost alternative to traditional DR approaches. For larger organizations, cloud can be used to extend existing DR solutions and provide an additional storage location in the event of a widespread disaster. With the right approach, cloud can protect businesses of all sizes from detrimental downtime.

Our thoughts are with everyone as we ride out this storm together—wishing safety to you, your family and your data.