Cloud Computing Saved our Business

We’ve been touting the benefits of cloud computing since Nimbo’s inception. After all, our success depends on our clients. We spend the majority of our efforts helping our clients maximize their ROI by adopting cloud computing based strategies as a way to stay competitive in a highly connected, highly technical world.

Earlier this month we had the misfortune of experiencing firsthand the importance of cloud for data loss protection and disaster recovery. In the early hours of the morning on July 4th a major water line burst in our new headquarters based in the financial district of Manhattan. We had just moved in and all of our worldly possessions—files, laptops, monitors, books only nerds read—were unpacked and sorted. As we were all off eating hot dogs and awing at fireworks, water gushed through our new home destroying everything in its path.

The damages were significant and no doubt delayed our relocation. But here’s the lightness in the situation—the silver lining if you will; our business is in the cloud computing. Our developers continued working on customer projects per usual. No deadline compromised, no code rewritten, business as usual. Nimbo, a cloud computing company, is now a textbook example of how the cloud is an invaluable safety net for business continuity. To be crystal clear: thanks to the cloud, Nimbo did not lose a single piece of data or code.

We have since gutted and renovated the office, slapped on fresh coats of paint and even turned a few walls into gigantic whiteboards. We will continue to evangelize the benefits of cloud computing, having some new personal experiences to brag about.

Although the office is still a work in progress – here’s a preview of what we’re building to make our collaborative space as fantastic as ever: