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    Data Driven Azure Service Bus

    One of our clients is in the business of manufacturing storage appliances that are used to back up devices to a local network and/or the cloud. The device could be anything a laptop, mobile phone, etc. This client was looking for a solution that could push messages to storage devices on client site, based on […]

  • WS2003 EOS – How to Mitigate Common Upgrade Issues

    Nimbo and Microsoft teamed up in a webinar addressing an urgent issue – the quickly approaching End of Support (EOS) for Windows Server 2003. After July 14, 2015 there will be no patches or security updates, causing security and compliance issues that can put your applications and business at serious risk. The first part of the […]

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    AWS CloudWatch Logs Monitoring on Windows Server

    Yesterday Amazon announced the availability of CloudWatch Logs in two new regions (US West 2 & EU West 1), along with an easier way to take advantage of the free service on Windows Servers. CloudWatch Logs is a service offered for free by Amazon that will process log files sent to it in real time and have them available […]

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    Shellshock: Heartbleed 2.0?

    The details of a new bug in the GNU Bourne Again Shell (Bash) were released yesterday. The stakes are high, as the bug has the potential to cause another set of widespread breaches and headaches, similar to what Heartbleed did earlier in the year. The bug was discovered by Stephane Chazelas and is outlined in […]

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    AWSome DAY in Houston

    Nimbo was among the invited partners who joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) at a one-day deep dive into AWS’s core cloud offerings and their application into the business world. The Houston session was part of a series of AWSome Days organized in different cities around the globe, with Miami, LA and Bangkok among the upcoming locations. AWSome Day is based on […]

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    Azure Cross Region Virtual Network Configuration

    One of the many benefits to moving your infrastructure to the cloud is the immediate and low cost ability to create a highly available network. In the world of traditional data centers, and even co-located data centers, placing hardware across geographic regions is a costly endeavor. Having the ability to mitigate the risk of a […]

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    Upcoming Webinar – Mitigating Common WS2003 Upgrade Issues

    Microsoft has announced that Windows Server 2003 End of Support (EOS) is July 14, 2015. This means there’ll be no patches or security updates, causing security and compliance issues that can put your applications and business at serious risk. What are the risks of unsupported environment? Upgrade Using the Cloud Nimbo’s Cloud Upgrade lets you […]

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    Nimbo Ranked #3 on 2014 CRN Fast Growth 150 list!

    “When it rains, it pours”, and it has been pouring accolades recognizing Nimbo’s exceptional performance over the past couple of months. Not long after being recognized on the Inc 500 List, Nimbo receives another honor – the third place on 2014 CRN Fast Growth 150 List. This award makes Nimbo part of an exclusive collection […]

  • Nimbo Azure Meetup with Docker

    Big Success for Docker Meetup

    Nimbo’s Docker edition of the Microsoft Azure User Group Meetup produced great interest among the New York tech crowd. The Docker Meetup welcomed a very large number of attendees, and we were delighted to hear all the positive feedback on the quality of the content and the overall event organization. Azure Meetup Agenda The Docker team […]

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    Nimbo Shares Enthusiastic Opinion of Amazon Zocalo

    Amazon Zocalo, an enterprise document storage and sharing service, has attracted a lot of attention since its release in July.  Last week AWS unveiled that Zocalo, which was initially available as a limited preview release, is now generally available to all AWS users. The idea of the enterprise-grade service was partially born internally, addressing the need for functionality […]