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  • Nimbo-hosting-global-windows-azure-bootcamp

    Global Windows Azure Bootcamp in Houston & New York

    The 29th of March 2014 was a day of great importance – It was the day that almost 10,000 people, in 140 different locations, in 57 different countries, all got together in the name of Windows Azure. It was a one day deep dive class to help thousands of people get up to speed on [...]

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    Solving Big Data Challenges Using AWS

    I attended my first “AWS New York” meetup last week, on solving big data challenges using AWS, and was rather pleased with the event. If you haven’t attended one of these sessions, I’d recommend it for cloud focused technologist. The meetup is organized and run by AWS employees, meaning the information is coming directly from [...]

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    Configuring Processes when Moving to Azure

    A multithreaded approach on a single processor is usually efficient enough for systems with a known footprint. However, many systems today have an unknown footprint size, or a size that is very, very dynamic. These types of systems will eventually move to a cloud offering of some kind so that they can take advantage of [...]

  • current view of Azure Portal with missing CDN

    Where is Azure CDN?

    This is a quick blog on the fact that Microsoft has removed the Azure CDN from their management portal UI. Rumor has it that part of the functionality will now be offered by third parties, instead of a first class Microsoft Azure service. The lack of notice about the removal of a core feature is [...]

  • Nimbo – Microsoft Partner Success Story – Animated

    The Microsoft U.S. Partner team has developed, and recently released, an animated Microsoft Partner Success Story video that illustrates the opportunity Nimbo seized to uncover the art of possible with Windows Azure BizTalk. The video

  • Nimbo at the Penguin Party in NYC

    Nimbo at the Penguin Party in NYC

    Nimbo recently attended the philanthropic Penguin Party in NYC, aimed at providing sustained support and dynamic educational programs to under-resourced public elementary schools. The Penguin party was organized by Change for Kids (CFK), which has strengthened the public elementary school system for more than 15 years. The organization works with dedicated