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  • Nimbo makes 2014 CRN Next-Gen 250

    CRN 2014 Next-Gen 250 list – Nimbo is in again!

    It is great honor to announce that Nimbo has made the CRN 2014 Next-Gen 250 list – for the 4th year in a row! What is the CRN Next-Gen 250 List? Each year, 250 Solution Providers are selected by CRN, the top news source for solution providers and the IT channel, to appear on the Next-Gen [...]

  • Nimbo Azure Meetup with Docker

    Docker – Special Guest at NYC Azure Meetup

    Contrary to the popular belief that summer months tend to be slow, we decided to pick up the pace in August and initiate a second monthly Microsoft Azure Meetup, this time around inviting our partners to take the center stage. After a flying start of the first edition of this new endeavor, thanks to Jesus [...]

  • cloud-workshops-featured

    Webinar – Data Center Cloud Migration

    Cloud migration of data centers is a complex process that requires diligent planning and consideration of an array of items. With multiple approaches and vendor solutions available, it is essential that enterprises pick the one that makes most sense for their particular IT environment and business objectives. Nimbo was able to address the above issue [...]

  • nimbo-yellow-brick-road-communication

    The Yellow Brick Road to Better Communication

    In today’s busy world we send, receive, and process large amounts of information every day. However, quality communication is more than just pure exchange of data – it’s understanding what is behind the message sent. As simple as this sounds, shared information tends to get distorted surprisingly easy, leading to misunderstanding and frustration. On the [...]

  • AWS NAT Monitor

    AWS NAT Monitor

    Scenario: Upload database backup files to S3/Glacier for archiving. Problem: Instances were only seeing upload speeds of 3MB/s to S3. Finding the bottleneck: After much searching for the bottleneck we thought. “Could it be the NAT?” Good question — but how do we determine the current throughput of the NAT? Ethstatus to the rescue! While trying to make [...]

  • Azure RemoteApp

    Azure RemoteApp – Simplicity and Limitations

    Azure RemoteApp Azure RemoteApp, currently in preview, is a spin-off of Microsoft’s desktop technology for apps, which uses Azure as a host. The idea behind is to provide IT specialists with the ability to run Microsoft apps in the Azure public cloud for better scalability, simpler management and faster updates. The RemoteApp was announced at this [...]

  • Nimbo Integration Specialist at the Microsoft Kinect v2 Hackathon

    Nimbo Developer at the Microsoft Kinect V2 Hackathon

    Dwight Goins, Cloud Integration Specialist at Nimbo, participated in the 2014 Microsoft Kinect V2 Hackathon in New York. The Microsoft-sponsored event gathered diverse tech-minded crowd, including experienced developers, UX/UI designers and enthusiasts, and provided them with open space to experiment with two upcoming technologies within the Kinect V2 - Ripple and the near-field sensors. Dwight Goins’s concept entailed a virtual [...]

  • Background info on Security used in Azure AD & ADFS

    How to use ADAL in a Windows Store App

    One of the biggest concerns in software system security is how to protect a resource from unauthorized access. The traditional security pattern of managing username and password has already proven unfeasible for the Internet and Mobile Age. Azure Active Directory could be the solution for you. Below I will demonstrate the minimum effort required to get [...]

  • rackspace-sell-or-bust-nimbo-way-out-of-crisis

    Rackspace’s Only Options – Sell or Go Bust

    It was recently reported that Rackspace, the provider of cloud-computing services, hired Morgan Stanley to explore strategic options. This was in response to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft once again cutting the price of their cloud offering. A pioneer in the Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) area, Rackspace does not have the deep pockets necessary to [...]

  • AWS SSD Introduction Benfits Nimbo

    Nimbo’s Customer Benefits from AWS SSD-backed Storage

    It has been an exciting week in the world of cloud computing. Not long after after Google revealed a new SSD product for its Google Cloud Platform, AWS disclosed the release of a solid state disk volume type option to Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS). The upgrade comes with a “five-nines” availability and the ability to burst up to [...]

  • desktop-as-a-service-nimbo-framework

    Desktop as a Service (Part 2): The Framework

    This post is Part 2 of a 4 part series about Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and how Nimbo is leading the way with our partners to enable Cloud Computing in our customers’ environments. This post builds an analysis framework for evaluating the vendors. In Part 1 of this series, I wrote about how DaaS [...]